For the bold and the brave.
Join the Basecamp East Staff for this unique overnight army adventureSet up night camp, build a shelter, light fires and prepare your meal because when the sun goes down our patrol moves out!
We will move behind enemy lines to recce the enemy and plan our daring raid at first light. We own the night!!!
Our experienced staff will be on hand all night to make sure your troops are warm, happy and safe. All patrol members will get a hot evening ration meal and a hot breakfast. You pack the basics and we supply the extra equipment to make sure that it’s a comfortable night under the stars.


“My 8yr old son and his two friends just came back from their night patrol – wow !! They loved every second of their overnight stay. They can’t wait to go back. Highly recommend to everyone.” Jennifer M.


We form up at 5pm at Basecamp HQ and extraction to friendly lines is 10am the following day.

Activities will include a mix from the following;

  • Basecamp construction
  • Shelters
  • Patrolling drills
  • Fires and food prep
  • Map reading & navigation
  • Bushcraft
  • Leadership and confidence training
  • Most of all fun
For kids age 8-15. €70 for kids and €80 for teens. €5 discount each on two bookings or more. Prices based on groups of ten or more.
The next Basecamp East Night Patrols are scheduled for the 22nd April and 27th May 2017.


We also run private group bookings on request.
Find out more by emailing or book your place online now!

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