Are we parenting the adventure out of our kids?

Are we parenting the adventure out of our kids?

So our kids are overweight, lazy and wrapped in cotton wool & guess what, its OUR FAULT!

Or at least that’s what the experts are telling us! Society has just gone that way.

We chauffeur them to and from school and wait upon them hand and foot at home. Play and sport is super organised. Strict structure, rules and timings are the order of the day. God forbid we just open the front door and let the kids out until they come back hungry. Just like it was back in the day. At the risk of sounding nostalgic, our childhood’s just seemed to be vastly different. Everything seemed to be more adventurous, there were knick-knocks, chases, games on the street and in general, less involvement of our parents into how and what we played.

So now for the shameless plug.

At Basecamp East we are trying to do things differently, YES the day is organised and YES you drop your kids off and collect them, but aside from that we are trying to tap back into their adventurous nature. We have a no junk food policy and encourage kids to be fully part of the prep for our bush-craft meals. There is nothing more pleasing than seeing groups of kids prepare and eat their first fish cooked on an open fire.

Sure kids hate fish right? Well no actually.

We want kids to find their boundaries and push through them. Pack what you need for the day and carry it with you! We don’t have Sherpas (parents) here!! Find your way back to base before the time runs out. We won’t navigate for you!!

Resilience, team work, loyalty, respect are our core values. Whether that’s having the respect for the clothing your parents have worked hard to put on your back or learning how diffuse an argument with a child you don’t get on with, we stick to our guns.

Sure why not book them up for Kids Army Bootcamp, you mightn’t recognise your troops by the end of the week.

KIDS ARMY BOOTCAMP – 2017  Halloween

You can book our Halloween Camp below or contact us on or 0860665116.

  • Date: 31st October
  • Where: Basecamp East HQ, Killegar Farm, Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow
  • Time: 09.15  – 15.00. Camp begins at 09.15. Supervised drop off from 08.30 (notice required)
  • Age: Boys and Girls 8-12
  • Price: €150 for one child. €10 discount for every additional child. Online payment required to book place.

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