Wilderness Survival Practitioner Course

Basecamp East is delighted to launch a first of its kind for Ireland. The Wilderness Survival Practitioner Course for adults. 

When: 1800 FRI 3rd AUGUST to 1400 SUN 5th AUGUST 2018

Where: Basecamp East HQ, Killegar,  Enniskerry Wicklow

This course delivers a solid foundation in survival skills through a hybrid syllabus of both traditional bush-craft and modern military survival skills – from fire to shelters and food to first aid – in addition to the more long-term living skills needed to thrive in the wilderness. This course will be intense and challenging but very achievable to pass. Nothing truly worth doing is easy and while the instructors will maintain a challenging workload, this course promises to be the most rewarding weekend you’ll spend all year.
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About the Course

The course is a 2 day/2 night 40hour syllabus. Students will spend 2 nights under the stars with the bare minimum of kit and equipment. The first 24hours are instructional based with the final 16 hours designed to reinforce learning through a practical scenario based exercise. The final course exercise will be a night to remember. Students will practice their newly acquired skills and gain additional wilderness experiences. At all times on the course students are expected to participate proactively and enthusiastically.

The course will conclude with a lunch time BBQ and a drink back at Basecamp East HQ.


This course will be delivered by Ireland’s leading military survival experts. With 30 years + of survival experience between them you are assured of a product of the highest quality. Lessons will be meticulously planned and delivered and testing will be challenging but fair.

The Course Location

The Wilderness Survival Practitioner Course is delivered in the spectacular setting of the Wicklow mountains. The course will avail of a mulititude of training sites in the vicinity with the final exercise area remaining a secret until H-Hr. All locations provide students with comfortable, natural shelters (downed trees, ditches, boulders, etc.), free-flowing streams and spectacular scenery.

Be advised: Our Basecamps are simple teaching areas in pristine environments – without electricity, telephones and developed buildings. We strongly recommend leaving the phone behind and completely unplugging to truly enjoy experience.

Course content

This 2-day course includes instruction in the full gambit of traditional survival skills from trapping, snaring and field butchery to filtering water. Modern topics such as poncho shelters, camp hygiene, knife safety use and maintenance, priorities of survival, thermo-regulation of the body (dressing appropriately for the wilderness, sleeping warmly, external heat sources) and campsite selection are also covered on this course.

Subject areas;

  • Traps and snares
  • Field butchery and cooking
  • Water and fire management
  • Improvised fishing
  • Shelters and environmental management
  • Wilderness first aid introduction
  • Emergency navigation
  • The psychology of survival

Fitness and Safety

We require all applicants to be medically fit to undertake the course and we strongly encourage all of our prospective students to arrive in good physical condition. Engaging in a physical fitness and conditioning program prior to the course will increase your success in adapting to the stresses your body will endure. Cycling, running, swimming, and other aerobic activities are good ways to prepare for your course. Strength is not as important an asset as endurance and mental attitude.

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